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The Ultimate Missouri Work Comp Book

The Book Insurance Companies HATE!

Recent statistics have shown that for every three injured workers who report their injuries, there are five more suffering in silence. There are several reasons people hesitate to pursue a workman’s compensation claim. Some of the common excuses we hear come in the forms of “what ifs.”

A few “what if” questions regarding worker’s compensation:

  • What if reporting my injury causes the insurance company to raise their premiums?
  • What if my boss or co-workers think I’m faking it or trying to scam the system?
  • What if I can’t handle any conflict that arises?

How to Order your FREE Book

In the Ultimate Missouri Work Comp Book, the experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, Joshua P. Myers addresses each one of these concerns and much more. If you’ve been injured on the job and one of these questions is holding you back from filing a claim in Missouri, order a free copy of his book!

Remember, there are 3 main benefits available to injured workers; medical treatment, payment for time missed from work (partial disability), and a final lump-sum settlement (permanent disability). Josh Myers’s book can help you get on the right track to identifying and accessing the benefits you may be eligible for.

The Ultimate Missouri Work Comp Book gives you an idea of what you should expect during your worker’s compensation claim, what kind of lawyer to look for, and even what kind of doctor to see. While Josh Myers can’t represent every injury victim, his book can be a great resource to anyone in Missouri who needs it! Click Here to order your free book today!

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