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St. Louis Dog Bite Attorneys

Animal Attack Facts

While canines provide companionship and security, if an untrained dog rages out of control, it can threaten your safety. The injuries caused by dog bites or animal attacks in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas represent some of the most traumatic cases our lawyers see.

An otherwise docile animal can become aggressive for numerous reasons. Sometimes, a dog bites to protect its territory or because it is provoked in some way. Some dog owners make the mistake of teaching their dogs that biting is acceptable during play, so a dog may think it’s playing with you when it actually sends you to the hospital with permanent injuries and post-traumatic emotional trauma.

While any breed of dog may become aggressive, the Humane Society reports that the breeds of dogs most commonly involved in fatal injuries are:

  • Rottweilers
  • Pitbulls
  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • St. Bernards
  • German Shepards

Dog owners ultimately have a responsibility for their dog’s actions and any resulting injuries that it may cause to the public.

dog bite often requires initial emergency care to prevent rabies and treat lacerations, nerve damage, and bone fractures. Many times, additional treatment is required years after the attack. Infections are always a concern while a patient is being treated. A dog’s mouth is filled with bacteria that can lead to severe infections. Because of the risk of infection, plastic surgeons frequently require that injuries be healed for years before they even begin to repair a scar–leaving a dog bite victim with a disfigurement to remind them of the attack.

St. Louis Dog Bite Laws: Is There A “Free Bite” Or “One Bite” Rule In Missouri?

A lot of people will come into our law office asking about this so called “one bite rule” or “free bite rule.” Basically, they think that, if they were bitten by a dog who has never bitten anyone in the past, they can’t make a claim on the insurance since the dog’s owners didn’t realize the dog was aggressive. Essentially, this law would give every dog one “free bite” before owners would be liable.

In Missouri, there’s no such thing. 

Several years back, Missouri law was changed so that dog owners are ALWAYS responsible for their dog if the animal bites or attacks someone.

How A Dog Bite Attorney Can Help You

In addition to the physical damage that follows a dog bite, many victims, especially children, are left with severe psychological trauma after being attacked. At Schultz & Myers, our dog bite lawyers are committed to helping clients through every step of the healing process.

A dog bite attorney can halp you recover damages from:

  • Anyone who violated a local leash law or any law that restricts dogs from running at-large (there are statutes covering this)
  • The dog owner, or any person whose negligence resulted in an unprovoked attack (common law negligence)
  • Anyone who kept a dog, with knowledge that the dog displayed previous dangerous propensities (known OR should have known)

Dog bites are very serious, particularly when they involve young children. Statistically, children represent the most common age group seriously injured in animal attacks. The St. Louis dog bite lawyers working at Schultz & Myers have significant experience representing young children involved in animal attacks. We handle these claims aggressively on behalf of the child and parents. Contact our respected injury firm immediately to discuss your legal rights with a St. Louis dog bite lawyer.

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