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Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Blog – Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas

The 2018 Injury Lawyer Scholarship Winner

July 31, 2018
The 2018 Injury Lawyer Scholarship Winner The Schultz and Myers Legal Group is proud to announce Mr. Andrew Jones as the winner of the 2018 Injury Lawyer Scholarship. We received many applications, and Mr. Jones was who we felt best exemplified the qualities we were looking for. We express our...
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How Serious Does My Injury Have to Be to File a Case?

April 28, 2018
Some accidents cause devastating injuries—amputations, paralysis, even death. But other accidents leave only minor physical damage. At Schultz & Myers, many of our clients tell us that they almost didn’t contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer because they thought their injuries were too...
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Common Causes of Intersection Crashes

April 14, 2018
Intersections are some of the most congested areas on public roads. Sometimes two, three, four, or more roads all converge on a point, and with this much traffic, the rate of collisions increases dramatically. Fortunately, if you have been injured in a traffic accident, you might be entitled to...
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Preventing Injuries at Amusement Parks

March 28, 2018
Winter isn’t quite over yet in St. Louis, but in a few weeks, it will be spring. The warmer weather will bring people out of the house and outdoors. Many will flock to amusement parks with their families. Six Flags and other parks are a lot of fun if you stay safe. However, injuries certainly...
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Staying Safe at Sporting Events This Spring

March 14, 2018
St. Louis offers many events for sports fans. While football is now over, many hockey fans are still cheering on the St. Louis Blues. Soccer will be starting up soon, as will baseball—much to the delight of Cardinals fans. And let’s not forget youth sports, from Little League to soccer to...
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