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Toy Injuries Up 40% Since 1990: Keep Missouri Kids Safe

An alarming new study indicates injuries caused by children’s toys have become a fast-growing problem. In fact, the number of toy-related injuries has shot up by nearly 40 percent since 1990, according to the latest edition of Clinical Pediatrics.

With more than 3 million children treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries since 1990, one child is injured by a toy every 3 minutes.

Also deeply troubling: More than half of those who are hurt are under the age of six.

In fact, considering that this number is from hospital records only, this is a low estimate. Some children who are injured by toys are brought to urgent care, or left untreated.

Types Of Injuries & Age Factor

The kind of injuries children most often suffered varied greatly depending on their age, authors reported. For example, young children (infants and toddlers) were most likely to choke on small toy parts. Meanwhile, older children were more likely to get hurt while they were playing on riding toys, like tricycles, scooters and wagons.

Toy Injuries up 40

Riding toys reportedly accounted for more than 40 percent of all injuries to children between the ages of 5 and 17.

When all ages were considered, falls and collisions were the most common cause of serious injury.

Study authors indicated scooters were one of the main reasons child injuries have risen so sharply in recent years, accounting for one injury every 11 minutes in the country. That trend started in 2000, which was around the time scooters first gained a popularity foothold among American youth.

Toys Themselves To Blame?

Some of our more popular blogs that are reposted around Christmastime center around defective toys. The most dangerous toys ever made and dangerous 80’s toys were intended to show how negligent manufacturers of children’s toys can be. As parents know: kids don’t always follow directions, and toy companies should recognize that.

Of course, not all injuries that occur in association with toys is necessarily caused by the toy or an inherent flaw in its design. However, this is certainly a possibility all parents need to explore in the wake of an accident.

Consulting With A Defective Product Lawyer Is Free

At Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers, our injury lawyers do NOT take every case from every caller who contacts our office. This is because our attorneys are happy to give free advice with no obligation. Sometimes, parents just want to know if a lawsuit against a defective toy is even feasible. Our attorneys can give you an idea of the outlook of your case, and can give you a bit of free advice about what your compensation options are, and whether or not hiring a lawyer is a good idea.

As parents and as injury lawyers, we’re always willing to help, and with consultations being 100% free, there’s no risk in getting an opinion. Call us at 314.444.4444.

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