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The Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Experience

What To Expect From Our Law Firm

The Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Experience What To Expect From Our Law Firm A large percentage of our first-time callers have never been in an accident before in their lives. At least, never an accident severe enough to call a personal injury lawyer. If you're one of those many first

A large percentage of our first-time callers have never been in an accident before in their lives. At least, never an accident severe enough to call a personal injury lawyer.

If you’re one of those many first-time callers, here’s the run down of what would happen from the first time you call, to the day you walk out the door with a check.

The Intake Team

The first line of communication at Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers would be our Intake Manager or one of our intake specialists. They will ask you several specific questions regarding your potential claim. These questions are typically the date and time of the accident, types of injuries, whether you have health insurance, etc.

As you answer the preliminary questions, the intake specialist will determine which attorney would be best suited for your specific case. The information will be sent to the attorney for them to look over while your phone call is being transferred. (that way you don’t have to repeat yourself!)

The Legal Consultation Or Case Evaluation

The next step is your case consultation. This is the part where you actually talk to one of our four attorneys.

Now, you can ask the specific legal questions and decide whether hiring us is a good idea while the lawyer is determining whether your case is a good match for our firm.

The lawyer knows the gist of what happened but may need to ask more questions about your insurance company or the other driver.

Remember, the attorney isn’t the only one doing the interview here. You can interview the attorney. Don’t forget to ask our attorney (or any personal injury attorney) pertinent questions before hiring them. Typically we suggest asking about their experience in cases similar to yours.

Three Ways To Sign On With Our Firm

We try to keep the process as convenient as possible for you, so there are three ways to sign on with our firm. The choice is yours.

  • The first option is scheduling a sign-up interview. This means scheduling a time to physically come into our office, meet your attorney, and go over the paperwork.
  • If it is inconvenient for you to meet us in our office, we can travel to your home or hospital room. In situations where time is of the essence, we may send an investigator out to you to get you signed up.
  • The third option is signing online while you’re still on the phone with your consultation. The attorney will email you a link to the signup form, you’ll fill out the information, eSign, and hit submit.

Welcome To The Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Family!

At this point, you’re signed on as a client! From here, you will be assigned an attorney, a paralegal, and a case manager. This is your legal team who will be with you from start to finish. Every legal team has a unique spin on the Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Experience, as they have different methods of processing cases. So any specific legal-process questions would be discussed with your case manager.

Your case manager will call you at least every 30 days to update you on your case. Additionally, you’ll receive phone calls updating you on any new developments.

Sit back, let Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers take care of the legal process, and let yourself focus on healing.
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Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

Unlike many other law firms, our attorneys aren’t afraid to take a case to court if the situation warrants it; even against prominent insurance companies or product manufacturers. And those insurance companies know it; we have even been known to scare insurance companies into making a better settlement offer because they’re afraid to face our attorneys in court! Of course, most personal injury cases will settle. Our attorneys can help with that too.

We are proud to say that we have obtained tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts in courts throughout Missouri. Our results speak for themselves.

The End Of A Personal Injury Case

When your case has come to a close, you’ll pick up your check, fill out a client satisfaction survey, and be asked to leave a video testimonial. Video testimonials are – of course-optional, but can be very helpful to potential clients. (In fact, if you’re viewing this website right now, it might be worth it to check them out!).

You’ll say goodbye to your legal team, and -hopefully- never need to see us again, unless it’s just to stop in for a visit. 😉




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