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Scar and Disfigurement Claims

Permanent Injury Accident Lawyer

Lacerations can lead to permanent scarring. These types of injuries are common in dog bite attacks, car accidents involving broken glass, and motorcycle accidents. Some scars may become less noticable as time goes on, but if they are in a location on the body that is plainly visible, this can cause significant stress. Scars can also cause pain, numbness, and chronic itching. Some scars can be treated with surgical revisions depending on the age of the victim and location of the injury on the body.

Permanent disfigurement is something that happens quite often in workers compensation claims involving dangerous machinery. However, disfigurement can also take place in motor vehicle accidents where a victim’s limb strikes the windshield or passenger windows. Most scars typically take 60-90 days to heal. If you have darker skin tone, a “keloid” cluster of scar tissue can develop. Keloid scars rarely improve over time. Discoloration and tenderness may last a lifetime unless a plastic surgeon is able to do a scar revision surgery.

St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

A fair settlement for a scar or disfigurement claim is a process that takes experience. Understanding how a jury will compensate a scar victim is a good indication on how to negotiate with the insurance claims adjusters. Because our St. Louis personal injury lawyers have taken cases like these to trial on prior occasions, we know what a scar claim is worth if your case goes the distance. This is invaluable experience that has resulted in our clients typically getting 10-20 times more compensation than they would without legal representation.

Your accident lawyer will fight hard for the best possible result to an unfortunate incident. This includes seeking compensation for all past and future medical expenses and lost wages. You are also entitled to a settlement for pain and suffering, which can be extensive in any claim for disfigurement. When it comes time to figure out what kind of claim you have, contact an attorney for a free consultation. Getting your legal rights protected is important from the start.

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