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The Financial Risk Is On Us!

One the biggest concerns of hiring a personal injury lawyer, particularly experienced attorneys,┬áis how much it is going to cost. Personal injury lawsuits are extremely expensive and most victims don’t want the added financial stress of spending tens of thousands of dollars in up-front “lawyer retainers” or “case expenses.”

At Schultz & Myers, we never charge attorney fees unless we are successful in winning your case! In addition, we will advance all of the case expenses necessary to win your case. These expenses can range from a few hundred dollars in smaller cases to several hundred thousand dollars in complex cases.

The Cost Of Filing A Lawsuit

Insurance companies and large corporate defendants are well-funded. And unfortunately for injury victims, these “goliaths” bet on the fact that you don’t have the financial reserves to face them in Court. What is so special about the Schultz & Myers Risk Free Fee Guarantee is that our clients can stand up to these goliaths with the financial power of our law firm to back them up. Our law firm consists of some of the most respected lawyers in the state, and we roll up our sleeves and get working on every injury case without a penny from our clients.

If you have a question about your injury case, contact our office to speak with a personal injury attorney free of charge. If you decide to retain our law firm, you will never be asked to provide us with a check for retainer or case expenses. Instead, we will work hard for you from day one, and if we win your case, attorney fees and case expenses will be deducted from your settlement. This puts all of the financial risk on us, not you.

Just another way that Schultz & Myers puts YOU first.

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