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Preventing Injuries at Amusement Parks

Winter isn’t quite over yet in St. Louis, but in a few weeks, it will be spring. The warmer weather will bring people out of the house and outdoors. Many will flock to amusement parks with their families.

Six Flags and other parks are a lot of fun if you stay safe. However, injuries certainly can happen. To be sure, in 2016, 30,000 people suffered injuries at amusement parks. Ride malfunctions, collisions with other patrons, entering restricted areas and anxiety are just some of the ways that people get injured or even killed.

That doesn’t mean you need to avoid amusement parks altogether. You and your children can enjoy a summer outing at Six Flags or another local park by keeping these tips in mind.

Tips for a Safe Visit

Avoid turning your day of fun into an emergency room visit by following these tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Simply put, watch where you’re going. There are thousands of other people at the park. If you don’t watch out, you could bump into someone, trip over a stroller or end up losing your kids. Don’t run, either. Take things slow, but if you need to stop, get off to the side so you don’t slow things down for others.
  • Avoid restricted areas. There’s a reason why an area is restricted. Indeed, if you enter it, you may get seriously injured or even killed. This has happened to many park goers. Rides and other machinery operate in these areas. If you lose your keys or other belongings while on a ride, let the operator know and he or she can retrieve them.
  • Follow the rules. Ultimately, the rules there to protect you. Be patient and wait your turn. Don’t push or shove others. Don’t stand up while the ride is in motion. Keep your safety bar or seatbelt on at all times. Keep your hands inside the car.
  • Know your limits. This goes for both physical and emotional limits. Each ride has restrictions in place. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition or have back problems, you may need to avoid certain rides. Some have height and weight restrictions as well, so make sure you abide by them.
  • Trust your intuition. If a ride seems too scary for your six-year-old, your older child starts crying or the upside-down roller coaster gives you anxiety, avoid them. Don’t ever force your child to go on a ride. There are plenty of other things to do, so move on to another attraction.

Have You Been Injured at an Amusement Park?

Despite your best efforts, you could be an injury victim at an amusement park at any time. If you have suffered a serious injury while at Six Flags or some other amusement, take legal action. The St. Louis injury lawyers at Schultz and Myers can assess your case and determine your rights to compensation. Call our office at (314) 444-4444 for a free case evaluation.

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