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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Stands up for Fellow Riders in St. Louis

Spring came early this year and the weather has many riders itching to get out and enjoy the open road on their motorcycles. With the influx of bikes on the road, motorcycle accidents are bound to happen. As a law firm that is owned by a motorcycle enthusiast himself, we relate to victims of motorcycle accidents throughout Missouri.

So what message do we want to convey to citizens of our state? Essentially, our St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers want the public to be aware of their surroundings on the road. We all need to share the road with folks on motorcycles. With the sharp increase in gas prices recently, we all know a handful of people who have traded in their gas guzzler for the economic efficiency of a motorcycle.

More operators are taking their motorcycles to and from work now. Traffic congestion is one of the leading environments for accidents involving serious injuries and even fatalities. Cars switching lanes in traffic are more likely to bump a rider off his bike or even force him/her off the road and into oncoming traffic, a median, or ditch.

All of the protective gear in the world won’t be enough to completely shield the motorcyclist from:

  • road rash
  • bone fracture
  • joint injury
  • scar & disfigurement
  • motorcycle brain injury
  • and other debilitating trauma

Motorcycle owners have a right to a fair and impartial jury when they file an injury claim. Unfortunately, many juries have a bias against owners of motorcycles. Fact of the matter is that most motorcyclists are safe riders. It is often the driver of the automobile that claims that “I didn’t see the motorcycle” or “I didn’t hear the motorcycle” or “the motorcycle was concealed by the sun or a traffic sign.” The laundry list of excuses can be long. As a law firm who employs several lawyers who are motorcycle operators themselves, we are passionate about dealing with the biases.

When it comes time to hiring the best motorcycle accident lawyers in St. Louis Missouri, call (314) 444-4444 and get the experience and dedication of Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers on your side.

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