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Internal Organ Damage from Truck Accidents

Organ Damage Injury Claim

Just about any accident can cause damage to organs inside of your body. Common organ injuries are a collapsed lung, ruptured spleen or liver, and abdominal trauma. The most important organ that can be harmed in an accident is your brain. Damage to your internal organs requires immediate medical treatment at the nearest emergency room. These injuries can be life-threatening, and it doesn’t take blunt force trauma to cause a major injury.

Tractor-trailer accidents and motorcycle accidents commonly result in serious organ damage, including a collapsed lung (pneumothorax). These types of injuries require an aggressive injury lawyer who will hire expert physicians to provide opinion reports in your case regarding damages. When you have an attorney on your case willing to do this, your chances at receiving maximum compensation for your claim are greatly increased. Its not enough just to show an insurance claims adjuster or jury your medical records from the hospital. These types of injuries are complex and need to be explained in terms that we can all understand.

St. Louis Internal Organ Accident Attorney

With the help of a St. Louis internal organ injury lawyer, you can obtain compensation for your medical expenses, pain & suffering, lost wages, emotional damages, and future damages. A common argument by the insurance claim adjuster will be that organ damage will heal over time because our bodies are resilient. What they fail to understand is that these injuries are permanent and can lead to all kinds of future complications that would have never been an issue if the accident didn’t happen.

The most significant organ injury is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Accidents that cause a brain injury can result in many problems with everyday living. Memory and cognitive function can be permanently impaired. Contacting an injury attorney is the first move to getting control of your organ damage accident claim and increasing the potential of obtaining fair compensation from an insurance settlement.

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