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Illinois Truck Accident Lawyers

Large commercial trucks are responsible for far more than their fair share of serious highway accidents in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDoT) reports that there were more than 10,000 tractor trailer accidents in the state in the year 2014. Collectively, these crashes resulted in nearly 1,900 serious injuries, and tragically, 95 fatalities.

At Schultz & Myers, we committed to fighting for the legal rights and financial interests of truck accident victims. If you or a loved one was injured in a crash involving an eighteen wheeler, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Illinois truck accident lawyers for a free review of your legal claim.

Common Types of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Commercial truck accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, accidents happen because the truck driver was distracted; in other cases, the company overloads the truck, putting the safety of everyone else on the road at risk. Large companies should never put profits before safety. Our Illinois accident attorneys have seen virtually every type of eighteen wheeler accident case. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Jackknife accidents;
  • Rollover crashes;
  • Runaway truck wrecks;
  • Sideswipe crashes;
  • Rear end collisions;
  • Blindspot accidents;
  • Overloaded trailer accidents;
  • Fatigued truck driver accidents;
  • Wrecks caused by poor truck maintenance; and
  • Wrecks caused by the company’s failure to inspect.

Proving Liability in an Illinois Truck Accident Case

truck crash

In Illinois, liability for a truck accident must be established under the state’s comparative fault statute. For truck accident victims, this statute has several important implications, none more important than the fact that fault is based on negligence. To hold a trucking company legally responsible for your accident damages, you will need to be able to prove that the company’s negligence (unsafe actions or inactions) in some way contributed to your crash. In every case, proving negligence requires a thorough investigation of the accident. This is why it is imperative that you get a qualified attorney by your side as soon as possible after an accident.

Victims Deserve Full and Fair Compensation

If you were injured in a truck crash, you are entitled to financial compensation for the full value of your damages. Unfortunately, the big truck companies are typically represented by even larger insurance companies that chronically undervalue the accident claims of injured victims. Our firm has the skills and experience required to hold these insurance companies accountable. We can help you seek money for:

  • Any damage to your automobile;
  • Emergency medical costs;
  • Other hospital or medical bills;
  • Costs related to physical therapy;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Lost income, including diminished earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Severe physical damage, including disfigurement; and
  • Loss of life enjoyment.

Contact Our Illinois Truck Accident Lawyers Today

At Schultz & Myers, our Illinois truck accident attorneys have helped many injured victims obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries. To schedule your free legal consultation, please do not hesitate to call us today at (314) 720-8714. We proudly represent truck accident victims throughout Southern Illinois, including in Carbondale, Belleville and Granite City.

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