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  • "$6,500,000 Recovery for Semi-Truck Accident"
  • "$11,494,637 Recovery for Fatal School Bus Accident"
  • "$425,000 Recovery for Workers Compensation Claim"
  • "$655,000 Recovery for Medical Malpractice Claim"
  • "$200,000 Recovery for Uninsured Motorist Car Accident"
  • "$2,750,000 Recovery in Semi-Truck Accident"
  • "$2,700,100 Recovery for Semi-Truck Crash"
  • "$2,000,000 Recovery for Commercial Bus Crash"
  • "$1,300,000 Recovery for Tractor-Trailer Crash"
  • "$17,000,000 Recovery for Car Accident"
  • "$2,300,000 Recovery for Car Accident Claim"
  • "$600,000 Recovery for T-Bone Car Accident"
  • "$350,000 Recovery for Minor Impact Car Crash"
  • "$100,000 Recovery for Minor Impact Car Accident"
  • "$2,300,000 Recovery for Dram Shop Claim"
  • "$1,500,000 Recovery for Premises Liability Claim"
  • "$750,000 Recovery for Product Liability Claim"
  • "$350,000 Recovery for Wrongful Death Claim"
  • "$190,000 Recovery for Slip & Fall Accident"
  • "$243,768 Recovery for Workers Compensation Claim"
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Schultz & Myers Blog

One Dead, 3 Teens Injured in Cole County, Missouri

July 3, 2015
COLE COUNTY, MO - According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 21 year old man is dead after being ejected from a vehicle Tuesday evening. The single-vehicle accident occurred shortly after 9:15pm on Hwy 179, just south of Route T.  A 1998 Toyota Camry carrying driver, Gabriel Urbina, and four...
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Body Found in Flash Flood Wreckage

July 2, 2015
JEFFERSON COUNTY • Authorities in Jefferson County found a body at about 11:30 a.m. Thursday in Buck Creek, Missouri, about a mile from where cars were swept into the creek Wednesday night.. News sources are presuming that the body was that of a victim of flooding in the Hematite area. Sgt. Al...
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Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyers

July 1, 2015
[youtube id="YStAfEmDolQ"] Hi, I'm Stephen Schultz & you're watching Ask Schultz & Myers Today I'm going to answer the question, "What happens if I'm involved in a truck accident with a jackknife tractor trailer?" Trucks coming on a situation will occasionally lock up the brakes...
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What to wear to a deposition

June 30, 2015
7 Tips on What to Wear to your Deposition St. Louis Personal injury attorney, Josh Myers answered the question "What Should I Wear to a Deposition" on our Ask Schultz & Myers channel just a few weeks ago, and already, we're getting several views. This is obviously something that clients...
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7-Year-Old Struck by Bus in Cedar Hill

June 26, 2015
Child Hit By Bus in Missouri Cedar Hill, Missouri - Firefighters said a 7-year-old girl suffered a head injury after being hit by a bus in Cedar Hill Thursday afternoon. Authorities said the victim and her brother were dropped off by the bus after school in the 8400 block of Hilltop Drive...
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