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  • "$6,500,000 Recovery for Semi-Truck Accident"
  • "$11,494,637 Recovery for Fatal School Bus Accident"
  • "$425,000 Recovery for Workers Compensation Claim"
  • "$655,000 Recovery for Medical Malpractice Claim"
  • "$200,000 Recovery for Uninsured Motorist Car Accident"
  • "$2,750,000 Recovery in Semi-Truck Accident"
  • "$2,700,100 Recovery for Semi-Truck Crash"
  • "$2,000,000 Recovery for Commercial Bus Crash"
  • "$1,300,000 Recovery for Tractor-Trailer Crash"
  • "$17,000,000 Recovery for Car Accident"
  • "$2,300,000 Recovery for Car Accident Claim"
  • "$600,000 Recovery for T-Bone Car Accident"
  • "$350,000 Recovery for Minor Impact Car Crash"
  • "$100,000 Recovery for Minor Impact Car Accident"
  • "$2,300,000 Recovery for Dram Shop Claim"
  • "$1,500,000 Recovery for Premises Liability Claim"
  • "$750,000 Recovery for Product Liability Claim"
  • "$350,000 Recovery for Wrongful Death Claim"
  • "$190,000 Recovery for Slip & Fall Accident"
  • "$243,768 Recovery for Workers Compensation Claim"
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Schultz & Myers Blog

Children’s Injury Law: Trampoline Accidents

May 4, 2015
The St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Schultz & Myers have noticed an increase in serious trampoline injuries in Missouri and the U.S. This increase in injuries has not gone unnoticed by doctors and child safety advocates. Many pediatricians are of the opinion that trampolines, are a...
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Beer and Bicycles: Drunk Cycling a Traffic Concern

May 4, 2015
There are so many great reasons to take a bike instead of driving your car. It makes you fit, it saves gas money, it’s good for the environment, and it’s a lot of fun. Great! We support cycling regardless of the reason…unless that reason is avoiding drinking and driving. If you wouldn’t...
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Police Officer Injured in Lake of the Ozarks Crash

May 4, 2015
Austin White, a Police Officer in Osage Beach was critically injured Thursday after being struck by a motorist on Grand Glaize Bridge. Last Thursday, authorities reported Glaize as conscious, however his injuries were described as serious. Later this weekend, the police department released a...
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Missouri Tractor-Trailer Accident Injury Attorneys

April 29, 2015
Why Do You Need an Experienced Trucking Accident Lawyer? Prosecution of tractor-trailer injury claims is extremely complicated and attorneys qualified to handle these case types must undergo vigorous ongoing legal training. Tractor-trailer injury claims implicate both federal and state law and...
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Missouri Pedestrian Accident Attorney

April 29, 2015
St. Louis Pedestrian Injury Attorney Pedestrian personal injury claims consist of some of the most devastating injuries that our lawyers see. Pedestrians who are struck by moving cars and trucks can be catastrophically injured or even killed. Automobile design has come a long way in the past 10...
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