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  • "$425,000 Recovery in Hip Implant Recall Claim"
  • "$400,000 Recovery in Hip Implant Recall Claim"
  • "$17,000,000 Recovery in Catastrophic Car Accident Judgment"
  • "$11,494,637 Recovery in Fatal School Bus Accident"
  • "$600,000 Recovery in T-Bone Car Accident"
  • "$546,948 Recovery in Drunk Driver Car Accident"
  • "$350,000 Recovery in Minor-Impact Car Accident"
  • "$300,000 Recovery in Head-on Car Accident"
  • "$250,000 Recovery in DUI Car Accident"
  • "$250,000 Recovery in Rear-End Car Accident"
  • "$299,100 Recovery in Minor-Impact Rear-End Car Crash"
  • "$2,300,000 Recovery in Dram Shop Claim"
  • "$1,500,000 Recovery in Premises Liability Claim"
  • "$750,000 Recovery in Product Liability"
  • "$655,000 Recovery in Product Liability"
  • "$450,000 Recovery in Dram Shop Liability"
  • "$392,734 Recovery in Wrongful Death Claim"
  • "$425,000 Recovery in Work Comp Claim"
  • "$250,000 Recovery in Pedestrian Injury"
  • "$243,768 Recovery in Work Comp Claim"
  • "$100,000 Recovery in Medical Malpractice Claim"
  • "$5,500,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Accident"
  • "$2,700,100 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Accident"
  • "$2,750,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Accident"
  • "$2,000,000 Recovery in Commercial Bus Crash"
  • "$1,300,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailor Collision"
  • "$1,000,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Collision"
  • "$800,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Crash"
  • "$795,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Crash"
  • "$600,000 Recovery in Tractor-Trailer Crash"
Schultz & Myers Injury Lawyers

St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

Dedicated Representation for Injured Victims & Families

Personal injury law is our business and it’s the only law we practice. Our St. Louis personal injury  lawyers, support staff, and experts are all part of the mission of Schultz & Myers, which is to make the future a safer place for us and our children.

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, our aggressive and dedicated personal injury lawyers represent clients across Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas. Our reach goes well beyond these borders and into federal courts throughout the country. Our injury attorneys are highly skilled in courtroom litigation. Our founding partners are members of some of the most elite legal organizations in the country where trial lawyer membership is limited to the top 1 percent.

St. Louis Car Crash and Truck Accident Attorneys

We have extensive experience in just about every type of personal injury case. Our firm has recovered over $30 million dollars in settlements and verdicts obtained solely in personal injury claims.

St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Schultz & Myers use some of the most technologically advanced hardware and software available in the legal industry. We show evidence that jurors can understand and our goal in trial is to assist the jury by putting them in our client’s shoes.

The judge may not let us admit that YES, THERE IS ALWAYS INSURANCE that will pay the verdict, but our attorneys will look into every avenue of recovery to ensure that you are compensated for your losses.

How our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Put YOU First

If you’ve suffered injuries in a traffic accident, or were hurt on the job, you know firsthand how quickly the medical bills can pile up. While you are trying to heal, you’ll have insurance adjusters calling you at seemingly the most inconvenient times to ask to give a statement. We are here to help.

We will deal with the insurance companies, and let you get back to healing. Learn more about the Schultz & Myers Experience and how our attorneys always put YOU first. Call us for a free case evaluation at 314-444-4444 or send us an email at the top of this page.

Free Case Evaluation

We support the community and charities

Schultz & Myers are generous supporters of many charitable organizations. Our lawyers donate resources and time to assist the underprivileged and those afflicted with life-threatening diseases. Stephen Schultz first began offering free legal representation at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis where he protected battered women and was a guardian ad litem for abused children.

We are in a position to effectuate change because we are personal injury attorneys and privileged enough to make donations toward finding cures for some of our nation's most devastating ailments. We support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Foundation for Children with Cancer, and St. Judes Research Hospital. Our main focus is assisting children with needs...because their voice is rarely heard without special attention, much like the plight of injury victims.

Community Involvment

Community Involvment

A jury is the community voice and it is important for jurors to know that the verdicts they approve can have substantial impact on community safety.

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